Hey everyone,

If you don't know me already, I'm Catherine, an admin on the wiki. Head over to my user page to find out more about me.

I'm here to gauge interest for a weekly news post as part of the community blog. This news post will cover British Politics mostly, but if someone is willing to submit a summary of weekly American political news to me I am more than happy to add it to the news post too. The same goes for other countries too, but at the moment these are the two main nationalities on the wiki. (I think)

I will also provide an insight into the community for those who haven't been here before, by summarising pages which can be suggested to me, or by my choice. I will also bring attention to any pages which I believe could be improved.

An example of this would be:

Page ↓

Needs Improvement ↓

Overview ↓

(Cate's Choice)
List of English Monarchs

✓ - Pages need to be created and linked.

This page features a list of all of the past Monarchs of England. It contains the dates of their reign, and links to their page on the wiki.

(Community Choice)
(US President)

✗ - This page looks fine as it is,

This page featureshas information about the President of the United States of America. It has information on the deaths of 8 previous Presidents and mentions the first and current President.

This table is only an example, please do not take this as gospel.

The current release schedule I had in my mind, is Sunday, mid afternoon. Starting with next Sunday, this proposal has gone out today, Sunday 14/2/2016, please think about this carefully as I do not want to write these for them to not be looked at.

As with the News section, I will take page suggestions for improvements to be made. So wiki users, go be diligent and stay clas- That's not my sign off line.

Semper Eadem - Catherine